Appointments - Frequently Asked Questions

“I like seeing my own doctor face to face.  Why can’t I always have an appointment’?  

When you speak to your doctor, you will discuss together what would be best and if you agree that a face to face consultation is right, they will arrange that for you

You may choose to have your own doctor ring you when they are available, or you may choose to see any doctor that is in the office that day.

I usually see my doctor each week/month and have done for some time. Will this change?

This will be for you and your doctor to discuss. Many of the regular appointments that now happen may be replaced with a telephone call instead, saving you a trip to the surgery. Your doctor will discuss the best plan of care with you, which may mean you do not always need to be seen as some of your continuing care may be provided over the phone.

‘I work during the day and cannot receive calls at work except on my breaks’.

You may request a specific time for the doctor to ring you on your break time or after work hours and the surgery will do their best to call you at that time.

‘What if the doctor rings me back and I miss the call’? 

The doctors will do their best to ring you back within the hour, but this may not always be possible.  If you miss the call, the doctor will try again. If you have not received a call back within 2 hours we would suggest you contact the surgery again and let them know. Sometimes we may have the wrong number and by asking you to call back, we ensure that contact is always made.  

‘Will the doctor ring me on my mobile if that is what I ask’?

Yes, as long as we have the right number we will ring you back.

‘What if the doctor rings me on my mobile and I am in a place with no signal’?

The doctors will try again until they reach you or you can ring us back if we have been unable to reach you.

“Will the doctor leave a message on my voice mail or answer machine?’

If your voice mail message is personalised, the doctor may leave a message if they have been unable to reach you. For automated or non-personalised voicemails this may not be appropriate. It would help if you could let the receptionists know if we can leave messages.